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The following services are available during the newspaper subscription period*1

  • ●Free access to The Japan Times website*2
  • ●Free access to NYTimes.com
  • ●Applying Email Newsletters
  • ●Free PDF downloads of the day's TV listings

Other procedures

  • ●Renewal of subscription period
  • ●Change of email, name, etc.

*1 Only available to The Japan Times / The New York Times newspaper subscribers. The Japan Times On Sunday and The Japan Times Alpha subscriptions do not include this service.
*2 JTWEB ID is needed for this service. Please sign up via "Apply subscription benefit (The Japan Times website)" on the dedicated page by following the button.
※Please make sure to use the same email address that was used when registering for a paper subscription. Benefits will be unavailable if a different email address is used.

Print Subscribers

Those who want to subscribe to the newspaper or change from a digital subscription to a newspaper subscription, please apply via this page