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Subscriptions will be automatically renewed

  • *Subscriptions start from the first of each month and last until the final day of the calendar month. All subscriptions will automatically be renewed on the first of each month.
  • *Will be charged around the beginning of the month.
  • *When you cancel your subscription, we will stop charging your account the following month. You will have access to our digital content until the end of that month. You also have the option of renewing your subscription without reregistering.


  • *We accept payment by credit card only.
  • *However, corporate customers who would like to pay by invoice may contact us via the email address below.(Email:

You may choose to pay in yen or in dollars

  • *You may choose to pay in yen or in dollars

Free for applied month *New subscription only

  • *Only new subscribers are eligible. Charging starts from next month. For example, if you apply for a digital subscription on October 10, you can have free access from October 10 to 31. You would be charged from November 1. You cannot cancel your subscription during October, but you can apply for cancellation from November 1. If you cancel it on November 1, you can have digital access until November 30.
  • *Those eligible for the free applied month, may not cancel during that month. Cancellations can be made the following month.
  • *Free for applied month" is limited to one plan per person.

Important reminder regarding billing currency

  • 1. If the currency for payment differs from the official currency of your credit card, the actual foreign exchange will be applied by the credit card company at their rates.
  • 2. Note that if the initial payment is made in a currency other than the currency of your credit card and, for whatever reason, you choose to cancel, foreign exchange gains or losses may occur, depending on the difference between the exchange rate at the time of initial payment and the exchange rate at the time of cancelation.

    3. Be aware that some credit card companies may charge commissions on foreign currency transactions. Consult with your credit card company regarding its policies on foreign exchanges, cancelation policies and related charges.